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TCP/IP Network

IP Network Infrastructure Services

Enixo provides the IP network infrastructure expertise to help IT organizations deploy highly scalable, highly reliable, and high-performance next-generation IP network infrastructures. Leveraging best practices, Enixo helps organizations build intelligent networks that are more efficient and able to meet the requirements of new IP-based technologies.


Today's organizations face increased demands on their network infrastructures, requiring higher levels of performance, availability, and mobility to take advantage of new IP-based technologies. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, these organizations need intelligent networks that effectively utilize available bandwidth capacity, manage data traffic flow, and ensure network security.

Enixo IP Network Infrastructure Services provide best-practice methodologies and expertise to help organizations build next-generation network infrastructures to meet the requirements of IP-based technologies, while maximizing the value of their existing network environments.


Service Offering

As the industry's leading data center networking solutions provider, Enixo offers IP Network Infrastructure Services to help organizations transform their existing network environments into dynamic, next-generation IP network infrastructures to meet their current and future business requirements.

Enixo IP Network Infrastructure Services leverage Enixo networking expertise and best practices to help organizations design best-in-class network environments with flexibility for future growth. As a result, these, organizations can realize greater efficiency by optimizing network performance, configuration, and management.

Moreover, Enixo IP Network Infrastructure Services enable organizations to protect their investments in existing networks, while utilizing leading-edge technologies and deep technical expertise to build sustainable next-generation networks.

Enixo IP Network Infrastructure Services include:

·          Assessment Services

·          Design Services

·          Implementation Services

·          Migration Services


·          Leverages Enixo in-depth networking expertise to build high-quality networks

·          Strengthens existing networks by identifying and resolving problem areas

·          Maximizes network bandwidth by optimizing data traffic flow

·          Enables the transformation to a dynamic, next-generation IP network infrastructure to meet current and future business requirements

·          Accelerates deployment of network-based applications and technologies to increase productivity

·          Offers a tailored networking solution to meet the specific needs of the organization

·          Frees up staff to focus on core business activities