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IT Security


Protecting your enterprise assets

Evolving technology, complexity and social trends, new channels, global working and new ways of connecting with suppliers and consumers all expose enterprises to ever-more complex threats.

The demands on today’s information security leaders are onerous. Regulatory requirements governing data assets and reporting must be adhered to. There is a strategic imperative to safeguard sensitive customer information, while enterprises must ensure due diligence in order to share data and prove governance.

Evolving technology, complexity and social trends, new channels, global working and new ways of connecting with suppliers and consumers all expose enterprises to ever-more complex threats. Your people expect anytime, anywhere access to corporate assets through secure, boundary-less information flows. Targeted attacks from internal and web-based sources can damage your reputation and ability to stay ahead of the competition, while a lack of internal resource and reduced budgets add further pressures.

As a trusted third party partner, Enixo can help you safeguard your enterprise assets in support of your business capability. We have more than 20 years’ experience as a security advisor for leading companies and governments and security management centres of expertise at locations across Europe.

Our dedicated security portfolio comprises compliance and risk management, identity and access management and authentication, data protection, cloud security and Right Security Services. We also have extensive experience of multi-year framework agreements.

With our help you will:

·         Get the best possible security advice to address the root-cause of information security issues

·         Utilise new security means and find alternative ways to deliver security

·         Run an efficient security operation and optimise your current security toolset

·         Adopt a risk-based strategy for current and new security threats.

Compliance and risk management

As India faces a major shift in governance and reporting activity, enterprises across all sectors are seeking to comply with the new requirements without tying up valuable resources.

In many cases, there simply isn’t enough internal capability to implement the complex operational risk management systems and compliance frameworks within the required time frames.

Security leaders must be able to give the business appropriate answers in a timely manner and improve the transparency of governance and compliance processes. How long will it take to get a new operational risk management system up and running? How much will it cost? What obstacles are standing in the way? Working with Enixo as your partner, you will have all the answers you need to manage your risk and compliance in line with business need.

We will help you embed risk-management and information security practice into your wider risk management framework as you:

·         Achieve alignment with regulatory compliance

·         Adapt your security management to business challenges

·         Move to a risk-based strategy.


We cooperate with and influence leading standardization organizations to remain in tune with current and emerging standards and regulations. Our maturity assessments and benchmarking exercises will give you the assurance that your information security capability draws on industry best practice.

From information security management systems (ISMS) to benchmarking and measuring the effect of risk-controls, Enixo embraces the whole value chain. We also have expertise in business continuity management, application testing and penetration tests.

Data protection

How safe is your data? To compete on the global stage organizations must constantly come up with new ideas for products or services that inspire customers’ imaginations.

This often requires sensitive information to be shared, not just internally but with suppliers, affiliates and other external stakeholders.

Are you confident that this information isn’t falling into the wrong hands and damaging your competitiveness? Public sector organizations too risk the negative effect of poor data security in terms of public confidence and trust.

All enterprises must maintain a clear view of sensitive information flows. Companies wanting to share in the success of emerging economies need to work with third party organizations and new partners across geographies with mitigated data security risks. And what about employees using their own devices to send and even store company data? Enterprises must be able to identify, analyze and understand risky employee behaviors regarding data protection.

Enixo helps clients manage these potential threats. We can build a data classification capability that gives you a clear picture of the type of data files being stored, their age and their access history. Our expertise in data loss prevention will allow us to identify all the places within your enterprise and across the supply chain where sensitive data is being held, helping you to assess and mitigate the potential risk of data leaks.

Our combined strengths in security consulting and data loss prevention will safeguard your data and protect your enterprise against penalties for data protection non compliance.

Right Security Services

Introducing Enixo: Right Security Services

The first outsourced end to end security services portfolio provided in an output-based business model.

The fast pace of globalization and technological advances in the Cloud have meant that it is essential for businesses to share information effectively to be competitive in their sector. This frequent exchange of information, internally and externally, has increased the potential risks and threats to business – opening up online access to sensitive business critical systems, networks and data.

Enixo’s industrialization experience combines with our security expertise to address the challenge with the Right Security Services portfolio – providing cost visibility and control with increasing security management.

Follow this link to view our demonstration video.

Utilising Enixo's core methodology (IPPCoR), extensive delivery experience and leading technology partnerships, Right Security Services:

·         Enable secure interaction with partners, citizens, customers and suppliers.

·         Provide predictable costs and demonstrable value for money linked to business   outcomes.

·         Offer pay-per-use pricing, cutting capital expenditure and improving financial management.

·         Reduce reputational risk by avoiding negative incidents.

·         Keep organisations and businesses legal and compliant.

·         Offer ‘security-as-a-service’ which avoids capital outlay on costly management tools and applications.

The right balance at the right price. That’s the beauty of Enixo: Right Security Services.