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Infrastructure Management

Meeting the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, performance improvement and growth.

It’s not easy managing the competing pressures on your IT. And it is certainly hard to maintain a great service to your users when they are forever asking for more in the face of reduced IT budgets, regulatory pressure, environmental concerns and the need to keep your network secure. Increasing technology complexity just adds to the headache, so if your infrastructure is not up to the job, you simply won’t be able to deliver.

Enixo can help. For 40 years we have been meeting the IT challenge by drawing on our broad experience of building IT infrastructure solutions combined with an industrialised methodology for cost effective service delivery. Our range of on-, near- and offshore IT-enabled business services ensures you can keep on planning for the future, whatever today throws at you, with a robust and flexible IT infrastructure.

And it is not just about money. Our Infrastructure Management Business Consulting team will draw on their expertise in service delivery, service support and application management to assess and help you define your IT strategy in terms of cost, efficiency and the levels of service, while our Transformation Service team will consider alternative ways of running your network and make sure that your processes support your business.

From Operations Management, including Desktop and System Services, to our Infrastructure On Command solution offering a next generation platform that supports your IT services transformation, we really understand how to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

      Consulting services

Our Consulting Services can yield cost savings of up to 30% with the design of solutions that support your entire enterprise.

Making strategic improvements to your IT network can be a daunting prospect. You have an evolving IT environment and you know that you need to keep your existing systems working. What’s more, keeping up with rapid changes in both your business and technology is made all the more difficult by not having the right skills in your team to support the changes you need to make. Our consultancy services will commit to those changes and accompany you on the transformation journey.

Using their experience and expertise, our infrastructure management consultants will understand and support your IT strategy, in terms of cost, efficiency and the levels of service you own. Recognising that it is not just about improving the technology you use, an assessment of the business processes that underpin the service you offer is integral to this process.

We make sure that the solutions we design are fully able to support your enterprise across the value chain, from procurement through to CRM, and give you the metrics to identify and communicate IT’s contribution to these processes. Our specialist transition managers then work with you to manage the whole change process, taking care of all the activities needed, from due diligence and joint verification to service adoption and exit management.

      Transformation services

Our Technology Services help you to make the right decisions throughout the IT lifecycle.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. IT environments are failing to keep up with the resulting changes, and large-scale IT infrastructures are becoming both inflexible and costly to maintain. Organisations now face a range of problems, from the challenge of making applications work across different platforms, to the difficulty of working with the proliferation of diverse control and management systems.

The solutions that do exist, however, are becoming increasingly complex, requiring different approaches and new skills. In today’s global economy, users need to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers around the clock, and not implementing the right solutions can become an expensive and impractical drain on resources.

From developing alternative ways to run your network to making sure that your processes support your business, our transformation services provide a range of options to help you smooth the process of change and ensure your IT systems are ready to meet the future needs of your organisation.

      Managed services

Our Infrastructure Consolidation and Visualization solutions can save you up to 30% of operational IT costs and reduce space requirements by 50%.

With IT at the heart of a successful modern business, keeping it safe and delivering a high quality service is paramount. Your users simply expect it to be working all the time to do their jobs. For you this puts an increasing pressure on your limited budget and the staff resources you have available. The pace of change also means you may not have the range of skills you need in-house, restricting your ability to develop your network for the future.

We offer a range of operations management services that free up your people to manage and develop your IT infrastructure, whether traditional or virtual. From maintaining your end user’s desktop to keeping your systems secure, our services give you the cost savings you need, along with the flexibility to deliver the customer service your organisation expects.

·         Desktop Services
Covering the complete PC life cycle  our range of on site and remote desktop management services ensures that you continue to give your users the service they are looking for, while you focus on building for the future.

·         Security Services
From implementation of information security management systems to secure disposal, our experience in both the private and public sectors enables us to offer you a full range of security services.

·         System Services
Using a scalable approach to monitor and manage the operation of your servers and networks, our remote infrastructure management service, based in our multi-lingual, 400 seat facility in Poland, can provide you with the problem alert notifications and performance statistics you need to ensure your IT always delivers the performance you need.